VELES E VENTS Main venue of the night parties   Chosen by The Guardian as the best destination in Spain in 2018, Veles E Vents is a gastronomy, culture and training project created by HEINEKEN Spain and Grupo La Sucursal. Veles E Vents is located in the channel of theContinue Reading

Teachers invited Artists invited INVITED TEACHERS .Átila Alves Great friend, artist, teacher and DJ! Átila Alves, godfather of ofoleroncou is going to be this summer with us again 🙂 Welcome! Átila first came into contact with forró in his childhood, when visiting his family in Minas Gerais and Bahia, whereContinue Reading

We like to take care of all “forrozeir@s” that will be coming to O Fole Roncou, thus, in this 4th edition, we are offering some options of recommended accommodation in hotels where you can get special discounts. Hotel options supporting the event: SoHotel Hotel Sohotel – Calle Gran ViaContinue Reading

Workshops – O Fole Roncou 2019 We have prepared a selection of forró music and videos so that you can warm your feet and your heart!Continue Reading