Teachers invited

Artists invited


.Átila Alves

Great friend, artist, teacher and DJ! Átila Alves, godfather of ofoleroncou is going to be this summer with us again 🙂 Welcome!

Átila first came into contact with forró in his childhood, when visiting his family in Minas Gerais and Bahia, where he could attend to the traditional “Festas Juninas”. Some years later, when he studied in São Paulo, he learnt “Forró Universitario” in “Remelexo” with Buiu and Evandro Paz and he started to organize parties in his hometown.

In 2010, he moved to Italy and was part of the dissemination of forró and Brazilian North-East culture in Milan and around Europe. From 2012, he went on teaching forró in different cities in Switzerland and organizing Forró parties and gatherings throughout the year.

Camila Alves

We are happy to announce that Camila Alves will be with us at O Fole Roncou 2019!!

Camila was born in Portugal but is a citizen of the world. She practised different dances until she found forró and fell in love with it and with the movement exploration that it offered. She travelled to many festivals around the word as Pablo Dias’ dancing partner until 2014, when she decided to become a forró teacher herself.

At her classes, she develops a very special side of “ladies’ style”, exploring the connection with oneself and the different movements that exist. Her classes are suitable for both men and women, of course!

We can’t wait to have you here in August!

Cesar Neves

We are fortunate to have Cesar Neves from Pé Descalço teaching at O Fole Roncou 2019! Can you believe it?

Born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, he started dancing because of a volunteering social initiative made by his teacher and partner Luis Henrique Resende.

In 2005, in addition to being a teacher, he was already partner of the Pé Descalço School. The development increased exponentially in 2009 when invitations to give workshops started coming from south eastern Brazil. In 2011 he went on his first European tour, passing through Germany, Portugal, Netherlands and France. In 2012 he won second place in the Brazilian Forró Cup and made a second tour abroad, this time not only in Europe but also to Asia.

In 2017 he takes on a new challenge and moves to London to start the first Pé Descalço in Eurhttps://ofoleroncouvalencia.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/29-Teacher-Enrique-1024×90.pngning to grow the school more and more.

And this Summer he will be in Valencia with us! Are you in?

Enrique Matos

As you know, Enrique Matos will be one of the artists at O Fole Roncou – 4º Encuentro de Forró del Mediterráneo

Enrique Matos connected with music through radio stations from the inland regions of Minas Gerais, where he first listened to Luiz Gonzaga.

He discovered dancing as a child at arraiás, quadrilhas and novenas and when he moved to Belo Horizonte as a 13-year-old, Forró Universitário was at its highest and he became passionate about it, making forró his philosophy and lifestyle.

For almost 11 years he has been developing his work with forró in Lisbon as a teacher and founder of Espaço Baião, musician in Luso Baião/ Nosso Som and DJ in Baião Vintage.

He also produces Baião in Lisboa Festival and Maria Bonita Festival, the first Forró festival dedicated to women and their role in the dance.

Tome forró and see you in August, Enrique!

.Anax & Fany

Anax and Fany met each other over 10 years ago in the London Forró scene. 

After all this years dancing in different festivals and experiencing the culture of forró, both decided to do a partnership in teaching and performing forró together what brings a rich repertory of fabulous combinations of styles background, fun and a very professional class/workshop which mix Brazil and Spain essence in one only place.


Zeu Azevedo Trio

On Friday 16 August we will be able to enjoy the music of Zeu Azevedo, one of the ambassadors of Forro in Europe.

Brazilian singer, songwriter and accordionist Zeu Azevedo 35  is considered to be one of the foremost exponents of Brazilian forró music (music from the North-East of Brazil), in Europe. He began his career at 5 years of age, influenced by his father, Cidinho Azevedo, also a musician and songwriter,and today has over 100 compositions to his name, many of them written in English. He moved to London from Brazil 16 years ago and since then has worked regularly in Clubs and theatres up and down the country.

As well as Brazil and the UK Zeu has performed in numerous countries around the world and he will be in Valencia with us this summer!

Can’t wait to enjoy his music!

Everton Coroné Trio

With a huge smile in our face is that we present Everton Coroné Trio as the band playing on Saturday 17 August at O Fole Roncou’s Party!

When he was a young he fell in love with Luiz Gonzaga, Dominguinhos, Jackson do Pandeiro and other masters of forró. He is a multi-instrument player who chose Sanfona to put voice to his vision of forró pé-de-serra.

Everton Coroné brings in his tunes the tradition from the master’s of forró together with sophistication of the harmony from Minas Region and lots of sensitivity, being one of the most popular artists from Brasil’s new generation of sanfoneiros.

He has been part of well-known trios and bands and in other diverse musical and theatre projects in Brasil and in Europe.

Everton Coroné has created a project with his name, Everton Coroné Trio, where he has the opportunity to put together creativity, experience and compositions to make our hearts tingle with his music.

Such a luxury to have him here!

Hamilton Bonfim

Such a great friend who has been part of previous editions of O Fole Roncou, Hamilton Bonfim will be back this year to be part of the musicians of the trio playing triangle. It’s always a pleasure to have you here!

He was born in São Paulo but has always felt connected to Bahia where some of his ancestors are from. It was there, in Bahia, that he had his first contact with instruments. Hamilton is a self-taught musician who started playing percussion at rodas de capoeira where his interest in Northeast Brazilian Culture arose.

Nowadays he plays several instruments, he composes and he is a cultural agent trying to spread his knowledge and art in different ways (playing, dancing and singing). He is one of the founders of Forró Madrid project and is currently part of the band Forró Girandeiro. However, he played in different musical projects (Os Penetras do Samba, Xote & Cia, Edér Bahia, Sambaraí, Forró Karikatura, Sem Abuso, Beleza de Raíz, Forró du Bom, Luiz dos Odé) that took him to tour around Brasil and Europe in many concerts and festivals such as Brazilian Day Granada y Madrid, Alsambaluz, Córdoba, Pisa na Fuló, Barcelona, Forró London, Londres.

This year he will come back to O fole Roncou but to share with us his passion and dedication to music!

Luciano Alves

As many of you already know, Luciano Alves is not only a Dj but a musician, and one of the best! A forró pe-de-serra researcher who masters triangle, zabumba and pandeiro.

He is a multifaceted artist and this year he will also be part of the Forró Trios but playing zabumba. We are super-hyper-extra glad to have you here again, Luciano!

Enrique Matos

You know that in O Fole Roncou we love vinyl records and here, Enrique Matos is one of the Forró Vinyl Masters in Europe.

He DJs in the project Baião Vintage, in Lisbon, taking out the dust from the vinyl records and tuning the record player to share all those Popular Brazilian Music hits recorded in LP!

Luciano Alves

We told you a few days ago that Luciano Alves will be at O Fole roncou this Summer so… we will also have him as DJ Swingueiro who will bring with him his Vinyl set to Valencia again!

DJ Swingueiro grew up surrounded by Brazilian music and he got influences from his father, José Luiz, ritmista and his mother, Dagmar Alves, Samba-rock dancer.

He entered the forró world as a kid, with just 12 years old, and nowadays he is a self-taught musician, DJ and forró pé-de-serra researcher.As a DJ, he is popular for his eclectic style and his desire to please everybody on the dancefloor.

He has toured several Brazilian and European cities, he DJs at weekly parties in Lisbon and he has been invited to some of the best Forró festivals around the world! We couldn’t let him out of O fole roncou 2019! Are you gonna miss his show?

DJ Vim Vim

You already know much about Átila as a teacher, but he is also an amazing DJ and has a rich and varied forró vinyl records collection that he will bring to Valencia! Are you gonna miss it?

DJ Sampa

Our beloved DJ Sampa will be sharing his Forró Vinyl experience with us this Summer at ofoleroncou!

He was born and raised in São Paulo, where he was influenced by different music styles that later on he would rock on the dancefloor as a DJ. Samba, Samba-Rock, Rap, Funk & Soul conformed his repertoir until 1997, when he first came into contact with Forró at Remelexo’s.

In 1990, he moved to Switzerland and brought his music with him, soon establishing his reputation in the Latin Music scene as DJ Sampa and joining, some years later, Forró Vem Vem group as a cultural producer.

He Djs weekly at “Forró de Quarta” and monthly at “Forró Vinyl” events and has been considerably influenced and assited by renowned Djs like Swingueiro, Ivan and Xeleléu, who passed a lot of their knowledge, experience and musical archives on to him.

Since 2015, DJ Sampa has repeatedly enravished the Forró dancefloors of different Swiss and European cities, such as Milan, Munich, Freiburg, Paris and London.

We are waiting for you in Valencia to dance to the tunes of this amazing DJ!

DJ James Lima

We are honoured to announce James Lima as the 5th DJ at O Fole Roncou 2019!

Born in São Paulo and growing up between there and Rio de Janeiro, his life has turned around music since a very young age. As soon as he got on a stage he felt it was the right place to express his musical side.

His experience as an artist is broad having done several shows in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Espírito Santo e Minas Gerais. Internationally, he performed in countries such as Germani, UK, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium and Portugal.

The artist has played together with great bands like Ponto de Equilíbrio, Trio Virgulino, Trio Nordestino, Os três do Nordeste, Dona Zefa, Pífanos de Caruaru and also with musicians and artists as B. Negão, Emicida, Rapadura, Nereu Mocotó, Duani, Mestrinho, Carlos Valverde, DJ Nuts, DJ Nyack among others.
His work as a DJ is based on the performances of “hip hop old school” from the dancefloor together to his own musical research, done collecting vinyl records of Brasilian music, scratching the records unmistakably!

.Carlos Valverde

Carlos Valverde is a musician, art teacher and pifano builder (it’s a type of bamboo fluye). He develops his work in Toulouse and throughout his more than 15 years promoting Brazilian culture he has toured Europe putting up concerts, pifano construction workshops, Brazilian rhythm workshops and performances.

We are so glad to have him at @ofoleroncou bringing one of his workshops!