.Átila Alves

Great friend, artist, teacher and DJ! Átila Alves, godfather of ofoleroncou is going to be this summer with us again 🙂 Welcome!

Átila first came into contact with forró in his childhood, when visiting his family in Minas Gerais and Bahia, where he could attend to the traditional “Festas Juninas”. Some years later, when he studied in São Paulo, he learnt “Forró Universitario” in “Remelexo” with Buiu and Evandro Paz and he started to organize parties in his hometown.

In 2010, he moved to Italy and was part of the dissemination of forró and Brazilian North-East culture in Milan and around Europe. From 2012, he went on teaching forró in different cities in Switzerland and organizing Forró parties and gatherings throughout the year.

Camila Alves

We are happy to announce that Camila Alves will be with us at O Fole Roncou 2019!!

Camila was born in Portugal but is a citizen of the world. She practised different dances until she found forró and fell in love with it and with the movement exploration that it offered. She travelled to many festivals around the word as Pablo Dias’ dancing partner until 2014, when she decided to become a forró teacher herself.

At her classes, she develops a very special side of “ladies’ style”, exploring the connection with oneself and the different movements that exist. Her classes are suitable for both men and women, of course!

We can’t wait to have you here in August!

Cesar Neves

We are fortunate to have Cesar Neves from Pé Descalço teaching at O Fole Roncou 2019! Can you believe it?

Born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, he started dancing because of a volunteering social initiative made by his teacher and partner Luis Henrique Resende.

In 2005, in addition to being a teacher, he was already partner of the Pé Descalço School. The development increased exponentially in 2009 when invitations to give workshops started coming from south eastern Brazil. In 2011 he went on his first European tour, passing through Germany, Portugal, Netherlands and France. In 2012 he won second place in the Brazilian Forró Cup and made a second tour abroad, this time not only in Europe but also to Asia.

In 2017 he takes on a new challenge and moves to London to start the first Pé Descalço in Europe. In 2018 he starts training a new team of teachers for the PD London, envisioning to grow the school more and more.

And this Summer he will be in Valencia with us! Are you in?


Enrique Matos

As you know, Enrique Matos will be one of the artists at O Fole Roncou – 4º Encuentro de Forró del Mediterráneo

Enrique Matos connected with music through radio stations from the inland regions of Minas Gerais, where he first listened to Luiz Gonzaga.

He discovered dancing as a child at arraiás, quadrilhas and novenas and when he moved to Belo Horizonte as a 13-year-old, Forró Universitário was at its highest and he became passionate about it, making forró his philosophy and lifestyle.

For almost 11 years he has been developing his work with forró in Lisbon as a teacher and founder of Espaço Baião, musician in Luso Baião/ Nosso Som and DJ in Baião Vintage.

He also produces Baião in Lisboa Festival and Maria Bonita Festival, the first Forró festival dedicated to women and their role in the dance.

Tome forró and see you in August, Enrique!

Zeu Azevedo Trio

On Friday 16 August we will be able to enjoy the music of Zeu Azevedo, one of the ambassadors of Forro in Europe.

Brazilian singer, songwriter and accordionist Zeu Azevedo 35  is considered to be one of the foremost exponents of Brazilian forró music (music from the North-East of Brazil), in Europe. He began his career at 5 years of age, influenced by his father, Cidinho Azevedo, also a musician and songwriter,and today has over 100 compositions to his name, many of them written in English. He moved to London from Brazil 16 years ago and since then has worked regularly in Clubs and theatres up and down the country.

As well as Brazil and the UK Zeu has performed in numerous countries around the world and he will be in Valencia with us this summer!

Can’t wait to enjoy his music!